Here our efforts to explain to the public and other scientist what we do, either through outreach activities or by interacting with the media. Jump to our outreach activities or check out the media covering our research.

Outreach activities

2021 Donato was guest of the radio program SCARTI RADIOATTIVI (puntata 4 - in Italian) ‘Cronache dalla Terra di Sotto’ organized by the eXtemporanea group within FestivaLetteratura of Mantova

2021 A short video interview (in Italian) recorded while I was in Iceland sampling the shallow water vents of Strytan appeared in July on the Swiss Radio Television Website. You can see the fantastic full 4 minute interview on the RSI website

2021 I was recently interview by Passione Astronomia for their “I giovedí dell’Astrobiologia” series. We spoke about my research, my career and the new master porgam in the Biology of Extreme Environments I have contributed to design in Naples. The video is available on YouTube

2021 I was recently interview by Microbiologia Italia for their “Un Caffé con la Microbiologia” series. We speak about my research, my career and my recent ERC Starting Grant project. The video is available on YouTube

2020 My interview (in Italiano) with Alberto Vitale-Brovarone (UNIBO) regarding our paper recently appeared in Nature Communication for the podcast Co.Scienza is available on Spotify

2020 My public seminar (in Italiano) on the Aeolian Island shallow-water hydrothermal vents entitled “Perché proteggere gli ambienti estremi delle Eolie?” organized by the Aeolian Island Preservation Fund is online and can be viewed on YouTube

2019 Guest of the MiniGeology podcast on the KPFT Houston radio. The interview can be found at on youtube

2019 Invited speaker at the 2019 FISV Days in Naples, to speak about the co-evolution of Life and planet. The talk, in Italian, will soon be available on YouTube

2018 Together with Peter Barry (WHOI) and Karen Lloyd (University of Tennessee at Knoxville) we participated in a Facebook live event organized by the University of Oxford, UK, and Oxford Sparks entitled “Sampling Earth Interior” highlighting our work in Costa Rica as part of the Biology Meets Subduction project

2017 Invited guest at the “What is Life?” series organized by New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer, at Caveat, New York, USA –

2017 One of the underwater picture I took during the Strytan shallow-vent expedition appeared on the AGU Tumbledir blog

2017 With the Biology Meets Subduction science party, a project for whcih I am one of the PI, we submitted a Postcard from the field that was selected for the EOS magazine backcover –

2016 Wrote an article for the IAS Institute Letter, Spring 2016 edition entitled “Deep-Sea, Origin of Life and Astrobiology” –

2016 Gave a lecture for families and kids at the Institute for Advanced Studies Family Science talk about “Hidden World: The Deep Sea” currently available as a recording on youtube –

2016 Wrote a blog post entitled “Visiting the EON satellite program at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton” for the ELSI Science Blog –

2016 Wrote an article together with Katie Pratt (URI and DCO) and Fatima Viveiros (University of Azores) entitled “Early-career scientists tackle deep carbon” appeared in Eos, 97, doi:10.1029/2016EO046699. Published on 24 February 2016.

2015 Published a post entitled “Why Open Science?” DCOECS15 Open Science Blog –

2014 Wrote for the Italian Science Blog OggiScienza an article entitled “” featuring the 2012 Mescal Cruise Oceanographic Expedition to the East Pacific Hydrothermal Vents –

2014 Shared a GoPro video of the 2014 Oceanographic Expedition to the East Pacific Hydrothermal Vents on board on the R/V Atlantis –

Media coverage

2022 Interviewed by Francesca Buoninconti for the Radio3 Scienza radiophonic program. The 30 minute interview in Italian is available at the Radio3 Scienza website

2021 I was recently interviewed by the Swiss Radio Television (in Italian) while in Iceland to sample shallow water hydrothermal vents and hot springs. The video of the interview is available here

2021 Our recent paper published in Nature Geoscience was covered by a news article in AAAS Science. Several colleagues comment on our findings and the impact of our ongoing research. Find the Science news article here

2021 I recently appeared in an interview in the journal Nature Italy speaking about the new Master Program in the Biology of Extreme Environments I have designed in Naples. The article is available both in English and Italian and can be found here

2020 I appeared on the second episode (Janus) of the Netflix astrobiology-focused docuseries Alien Worlds, talking about the importance of water for the search for life and the role of hydrothermal vents

2020 An article by Romulo Cruz based on our American Mineralogist review on hydration-dehydration reactions appeared online in the sciworthy blog entitled “How water shaped the Earth. Minerologists, geologists, astronomers, astrobiologists explain how water shaped our planet’s history by studying the types of chemical reactions where water plays a fundamental role”

2020 Our recent Nature Communication article about deep sources of energy for subsurface microbial communities has been featured in Nature new Subduction collection

2020 Our Nature Communication article about a previously unrecognized sources of deep serpentinization in subduction zones has been covered by several media outlet, including the ScienceDaily, LeScienze and featured on online blog, twitter feed and science blogs. Find the full list here

2020 Our laboratory Winogradsky columns have appeared on the science communication blog

2019 A blog entry written by Peter Barry (WHOI) appeared on the blog of the Nature journal Scientific Data regarding our recent data paper on the Costa Rica dataset

2019 Appeared on a featured article on the website about the Earth in Five Reactions Special Collection I am co-editing in American Mineralogist

2019 I appeared on a featured article on the website about the Wikipedia Fellowship

2019 The new book from Robert Hazen, the Director of the Deep Carbon Observatory, entitled Symphony in C (buy it on Amazon here, it’s a fantastic read) features a picture of myself and Karen Lloyd (UTK) while we sample a hotsping in Costa Rica during the 2017 field campaign. The same picture appeared on the book review published in Science

2019 A great post appeared on the website entitle “The Interiors of Exoplanets May Well Hold the Key to Their Habitability”, highlighing our recent Nature publication in the context of other publications discussing their role in changing our view of geo-bio interaction and the search of life on other planets

2019 Our paper on a new sink of carbon in volcanic arc published in Nature was picked up by a number of International News sites and newspapers including the online science blogs, international news websites and newspapers. See the full list of media coverage at

2018 My December 2017 interview with New York Times science writer Carl Zimmer is finally online. Part of the “what is life?” series at the Caveat, NYC, USA. Listen to it at “Warm Ponds Or Hellish Vents–Where Did Life Begin?

2018 A recording of a Facebook live event to speak about our ongoing DCO-supported work in Costa Rica. The interview, organized by University of Oxford Sparks is together with Peter Barry (WHOI, USA) and Karen lloyd (UT, USA)

2018 An interview (in spanish) with the Colombian RCN Radio (Radio Cadena Nacional, “National Radio Network”) from Bogotá, part of the press release done by the Deep Carbon Observatory during the American Geophysical Union 2018 Fall meeting

2017 Two of my pictures from Yellowstone National Park and from the Shallow-Water Hydrothermal Vents of Vulcano Island (Aeolian Archipelago, Italy) were used on the cover of the December edition of The Biochemist, featuring our article on the connection between extreme environments and pathogens. Download the full issue (PDF) or just the cover

2017 Strýtan Expedition Postcard from the Field appears on the AGU Tumbledir blog

2017 My paper on the mosaic structure of Thermovibrio ammonificans genome and its implication in reconstructing the evolution of metabolism is featured on the DCO website. You can read the paper here

2017 The research on origin of life at the Earth-Life Science Institute is featured in an article on the NASA blog and my research on extremophiles is in there too!

2017 Our Postcard from the Field from the Costa Rica expedition submitted to the AGU blog is printed on the backcover of EOS magazine

2017 Deep Carbon Observatory website. Katie Pratt (University of rodhe Island and DCO Communication director) kept a live blog during our expedition in Costa Rica. “Live From Costa Rica, Where Biology Meets Subduction” –

2015 The Azorean Regional Newspaper (Portugal) is featuring an interview with myself about the scope and activities of the Second Deep Carbon Observatory Early Career Scientist Workshop of which I am the president of the organizing committee

2015 The Portuguese Azorean Television broadcasted a service on the DCOECS15 workshop I organized with some colleagues. The section starts at 4:50!

2014 The scientific e-journal covered our 2014 Oceanographic Expedition and its implication for the study of the origin of life

2014 Jennifer Barone and others kept a blog during our 2014 Oceanographic Expedition on the R/V Atlantis

2012 The Scientific e-journal Almanacco delle Scienze, covered the my research on Thermovibrio ammonificans in collaboration with Costantino Vetriani

2010 National Geographic (Italian edition) covered in the August issue our BIOFUN 2009 Oceanographic Cruise in the article “Abissi Mediterranei” and dedicated to the scientific cruise the cover