Starting a new lab at the university of naples

06 Dec 2018 - Donato Giovannelli

I’m very excited and happy to announce that i’ve recently accepted a TT Assistant Professor position at the Department of Biology of the University of Naples “Federico II”. After many years abroad coming back to Italy is very exciting, and having the opportunity to start my own research group even more!

Lab renovation is already on-going, and soon we will start research activities. The group will focus on studying the co-evolution of geosphere and biosphere, mainly through the lenses of microbial ecology and evolution in extreme environments. We are already on the way to set up lab infrastructure and organization, and get the first few project on the way. As a general lab policy I will be sharing all our research as preprints, all the data and code on public repository together will all the wet-bench and computational protocols. I really hope i’ll be able to keep it up with the way I want science to look like.

Please feel free to contact me and visit me in Naples anytime. I would very much my group to become a hub for international students, postdoc and faculties that share my interest in science, want to start a collaboration, get local samples or simply visit to chat and give a talk. This invitation is extended to all disciplines, as I firmly believe that “antidisciplinary” will be the word defining the future of human enquiry. If you do not know what i’m referring to please see Joi Hito blog, the MIT Media Lab and this Wired article.

Soon i’ll be sharing the link to the lab website, and other relevant info to keep up with the lab and group set up.

Meanwhile I want to thank all the people that supported my career dusing this year, family, friends, mentors, colleagues, collaborators… too many to mention! Getting this position is a great starting point. Getting to this position was a massive team effort!