Coorganizing The Deep Time Data Driven Discovery Workshop

01 Jun 2018 - Donato Giovannelli

From June 4-6, 2018 I’m co-organizing and speaking at the 4D Workshop in Washington DC. The 4D Workshop, organized with the support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, NASA, the Keck Foundation, the Earth Life Science Institute (Japan), the Carnegie Institution for Science, the Templeton Foundation, and others, aims at exploring ways to advance our understanding of Earth’s complex co-evolving geosphere and biosphere through the collection, analysis, and visualization of large and growing data resources.

Carbon mineral-locality network. Mineral nodes colored by age (Ma) and sized by frequency of occurrence on Earth’s surface; locality nodes (black) sized by mineral diversity. Reproduced from the Deep-Time Data Infrastructure at Carnegie Institution for Science.

Data are being collected at an unprecedented peace, and for the first time we are producing data faster than we can make sense of them. Despite the amount if data produced, relevant tools for open-access data resources and interdisciplinary data integration are lacking.

The 4D Workshop for Deep-Time Data Driven Discovery has been convened as prelude to a potential long-term program to drive the future of geo-bio data analysis and visualization in an effort to understand how life has coevolved with our planet, potentially unveiling where we come from, how our planet works and where we are headed.

We have convened 145 experts in geoscience, bioscience, planetary science and data science from around the world. You can find a list of the workshop participants. We have plan to live stream the event, and will post more info when available.

FEATURED: The logo for the 4D Workshop has been designed by Patricia Barcala Dominguez. You can see more of her work at and following her on twitter and instagram. Here the concept behind the logo: